Doug Holyday
Meet Doug Holyday, the Ontario PC candidate for Etobicoke Lakeshore.

Doug Holyday is a strong fiscal conservative with a record of making government work efficiently and effectively. As Mayor of Etobicoke and Toronto City Councillor, Doug has worked tirelessly to make sure taxpayer money is spent wisely.  Most recently, as Deputy Mayor of the city of Toronto, Doug has made it his mission to stop the gravy train by negotiating reasonable salaries for city workers, instituting more efficient and less expensive garbage collection and balancing budgets.

Doug has been a strong proponent of accountable spending at city hall as Deputy Mayor, drawing attention to reckless overspending and pushing for better transparency when it comes to taxpayer dollars. This is the kind of accountability he wants to see at Queen’s Park.

Having lived his entire life in Etobicoke, first as a businessman then as a politician, Doug knows the people here. Doug Holyday's track record of community involvement, business leadership and public service has been recognized by the International Rotary Foundation, which named him a Paul Harris Fellow for his contribution to the people of Etobicoke.

Doug and his wife Franca are lifelong residents of Etobicoke. They have two sons, Stephen and David. Stephen and his wife, Margaret, are the parents of two young daughters, Andrea, Jennifer and newly arrived Thomas.

Doug Holyday is the change in direction that this province needs.  He knows that after ten years of Liberal mismanagement, the people of Etobicoke want to see some accountability at Queen’s Park.  Mounting deficits and wasteful scandals have put the province on the wrong track. Doug recognizes that today’s Ontario is not the economic engine that it used to be and is be part of the Ontario PC team with a plan to turn it around. 

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